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Wolfheart - Tyhjyys album review

Finnish melodeath crew conjure new realms of splendour

The latest project from prolific musician Tuomas Saukkonen, Wolfheart have yet to carve a solid name for themselves despite a pleasing melding of doomy melancholy and affirming melodic DM that only the Finnish can master. With the same windswept, epic feel as countrymen Insomnium and Moonsorrow, Tyhjyys sets the scene with the orchestrated Boneyards, adding gritty riffs and colossal soundscapes. World On Fire is awash with heroic, folk-tinged riffs and ethereal splendour, while the scything guitarwork on The Rift conjures Amon Amarth’s battle-hardened songcraft with added bells and whistles. Meanwhile, the title track and Call Of The Winter elicit an almost celebratory homage to their Scandinavian wilderness. Tyhyys should ensure the Wolfheart banner is flown higher than ever before.