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Wintersun: Time I

Hi-tech wizardry from long-lost symphonic metallers

It might have taken Jari Mäenpää eight years to follow up Wintersun’s debut, but listening to the first instalment (Time II is out next year) you understand why. To say Time I is multi-layered would be like saying Godflesh are quite heavy.

There’s a staggering amount going on, and it all sounds absolutely spectacular, the guitars veering between half a dozen different metal styles while a level of symphonic widdle makes the whole thing sound vast, heroic and dense.

Time I is far more than an admirable achievement of studio skill, though. The songs are life-affirming stuff, running from gentle beauty through growling aggression to soaring hooks within each epic track, and the wait the Finns have made us endure has been completely worth it – Time I is fantastic. Roll on album number II.