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Winterfylleth / Voices / The King Is Blind

The old and new vanguard of UKBM unite

Though notable for having Cradle Of Filth co-founder Paul Ryan in their ranks, as well as members of Entwined, THE KING IS BLIND [8] don’t particularly reflect the musical past of their members, instead offering a muscular yet doomy take on death metal that’s reminiscent of Bolt Thrower.

That means big riffs, an apocalyptic vibe, hammering percussion and throaty vocals. Keeping the ex-Cradle theme running, VOICES [8] follow with legendary drummer Nick Barker in tow and provide a similarly enthusiastic, more progressive, set, creating perhaps the most cerebral experience of the night, their twisting and episodic approach to songwriting aptly reflecting the conceptual nature of their lyrics.

Now almost a decade into their career, WINTERFYLLETH’s [9] trajectory is one of a group gradually honing their sound to form a distinct voice. Likewise, their live performances have become an increasingly more confident and organic affair.

With both Scandinavian and Eastern European folk/black inspirations and a sense of dynamics all their own, their songs offer both a musical and emotional ebb and flow, alternating between intense and invigorating wall-of-sound assaults and more emotive and reflective passages. A strong showing by what is undoubtedly one of the UK’s most relevant black metal outfits.

Voices put the 'aggressive' into 'progressive'

Voices put the 'aggressive' into 'progressive' (Image credit: Jake Owens)