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Wayward Sons step up a level on Even Up The Score

Toby Jepson's Wayward Sons come of age on album number three, Even Up The Score

Wayward Sons: Even Up The Score cover art
(Image: © Frontiers Records)

It’s taken time, but at last Wayward Sons have hit their mark – and in a significant manner. Frontman Toby Jepson has assembled the strongest line-up to date, and Even Up The Score is 11 energetic, pulsating and dynamic tracks. 

Blasting off in anthemic fashion on the title track, the album races along with Jepson and guitarist San Wood feeding off each other ravenously, and drummer Phil Martini delivers a stirring groove. 

There’s a full-blooded sense of British attitude, bringing to mind The Temperance Movement, with the added punch of The Almighty. 

The best moments come on the melodic yet intense Faith In Fools (a dictat about politicians?) and the heavy bounce of Fake, but nothing lets down the overall quality. Wayward Sons have stepped up a level. Their next album could be sensational.