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Wayne County & The Electric Chairs: Live At Rockpalast

A true one-off shows the punk world how it’s done.

The word ‘revolutionary’ is thrown around far too generously these days, but Jayne County is one of the rare people who can claim that crown. Stonewall heroine, punk trailblazer and transgender icon, her impact on alternative rock and the history of LGBT rights is enormous.

This show in Germany from December 1978, filmed before Wayne officially became Jayne, is a searing reminder of just how cool County is.

Led by a gangling, air-punching force of nature in a blonde wig and leatherette dress, backed by a band that leave room for their leader to shine while keeping the songs watertight, this is a riot from start to finish, from the gloriously filthy hand gestures that go with Putty, to the singer lurching at the band with a toy machine gun for Mr Normal.

A slower, celebratory Are You Man Enough To Be A Woman, meanwhile, glows with a searing honesty: ‘I am what I am, I don’t give a damn’. Some extras would have been nice, although it does come with an audio CD and comprehensive sleeve notes. But generally, this is just a great reminder of how to be a proper rock star./o:p