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Warrior Soul - Back On The Lash album review

What rock’s angriest man did next

Cover art for Warrior Soul - Back On The Lash album

While nobody can really blame Warrior Soul mainman Kory Clarke for dropping out of the fight every few years to mop up the blood and give his embattled liver a brief respite from further punishment, now is probably the most crucial moment this band have ever had. He always warned about a fascist, warmongering USA, and now he’s got one. If rock’n’roll’s angriest man was ever gonna rally the troops and bring truth to power, the time is now. So this better be some album. And it is.

Perhaps the most focused blast-cannon of steely-eyed sleaze-metal since 91’s Drugs, God And The New Republic, Back On The Lash is not a political screed by any means, it is simply and inexorably rock as fuck. Heavier than a hammer to the skull. Sleazier than Times Square in the summer of ‘77. Badder than ol’ King Kong. Meaner than a junkyard dog. I think that’s the trick here: hook the kids with the hard stuff and then recruit ‘em for ongoing culture war. See you on the front lines.