Walking Dead On Broadway: Aeshma

German ragers attempt the zombie deathcore shuffle

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There’s nothing subtle about Walking Dead On Broadway. Basically this is deathcore 101, and throughout Aeshma they do various passable impressions of Suicide Silence, JFAC and even early BMTH. What they don’t do is inject even the vaguest hint of originality or personality into proceedings.

If you like the staples of this sound – the endless breakdowns, processed drums and guttural grunt to squeal vocals – then Walking Dead On Broadway might impress you: after all they can certainly deliver a punishing banger.

Path Of Exile is delightfully nasty and has a riff you’ll be humming for some time, and Eradication jumps thrillingly from bouncy castle grooves to white-hot grinding. All decent enough, and if you’re new to this style you might even want to investigate further, but just for the hardcore deathcore aficionados./o:p