Various Artists: New Breed Workin’ - Blues With A Rhythm

Time to roll back the carpet for some serious dancing.

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It’s easy to infuse the blues with an overly reverential and scholarly approach; to buy into the theory that this music is intended purely to document trials and tribulations with a side-order of repression and depression.

This is to ignore the fact that Saturday nights are there for dancing, and this compilation is nothing less than a party in a jewel case. Of particular interest are the recently unearthed tracks from the early 60s that are finally seeing the light of day. The sweet R&B of Big Charley & The Domans’ I Can’t Even Enjoy My Home lifts even the most churlish of feet, while the grooves of Arthur Grant & The Redshoes’ Steamboat will have hands clapping and voices hollering.

It’s the perfect soundtrack to your next house rent party.