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Various Artists: A Musicares Tribute To Bruce Springsteen

The great, good and so-so pay tribute to The Boss.

Filmed last February in Los Angeles with fellow New Jersey comedian Jon Stewart as Master Of Ceremonies, The Alabama Shakes opener Adam Raised A Cain sets an intense pitch, maintained by Patti Smith’s Because The Night.

A few miss the mark – Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill – but bullseyes include Tom Morello’s E Street Band duelling with My Morning Jacket’s Jim James on Tom Joad.

At the kill, before an evidently pleased and proud Springsteen blasts through a short set (complete with all-star cast Glory Days finale), the absolute highlight comes with Neil Young & Crazy Horse. A Canadian he may be but his supremely incandescent Born In The USA has to be seen and heard to be believed. “He made me sound like The Sex Pistols,” chuckles Bruce. Indeed – simply awesome.