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Uneven Structure - La Partition album review

Gallic prog-metallers add a heavy twist to their tale

Cover art for Uneven Structure - LA Partition album

Taking a creative cue from their 2011 debut, Februus, Uneven Structure have unleashed a concept piece brimming with depth and drama. La Partition is split into three parts, with each chapter heavily defined by its own signature sound and characteristic style. Hair raising opener Alkaline Throat flirts with haunting atmospherics that give way to Matthieu Romarin’s soaring vocals, which continue at the forefront of complex chuggernautBrazen Tongue and slow-burner Crystal Teeth. Melding brooding beauty and mind-bending polyrhythms, it’s difficult not to be mesmerised by Incube, but don’t be fooled by the prevalence of the ambient soundscapes. Any previous sense of calm is gleefully shattered by foreboding instrumental passages alongside filthy blastbeats, staccato riffs and enamel-peeling screams on The Bait and Our Embrace, which doff their cap to black metal as much as those downtuned Meshuggah-esque grooves. La Partition’s elaborate yet brutal assault will appeal to all tech-loving djentlemen and women alike.