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Twin Atlantic's Transparency: euphoric, funk-flecked, irrepressible

Glaswegian rockers Twin Atlantic look inwards and get funky for a lockdown special

Twin Atlantic: Transparency cover art
(Image: © Staple Diet)

Twin Atlantic's name is on the cover (they’re now down to a duo), but Transparency is very much a glimpse into frontman Sam McTrusty’s inner workings. 

Recorded remotely in lockdown during a period of isolation when he was at home taking care of his infant daughter while his wife, a nurse, looked after covid patients, the soul-searching starts from the off with Keep Your Head Up, a tender look at male friendship. 

It’s a teary slice of the pop-rock that’s in their DNA, but as the manic One Man Party kicks in it becomes clear that this is a wildly different affair, the album emerging as wilfully lo-fi, bouncing along on cheery electronica while McTrusty’s almost spoken-word panic attack showcases his rich Glaswegian vowels. 

It’s a family affair too, with both his daughter and his mum making memorable vocal contributions, and there’s joy amid the existential dread, radiating from the kind of euphoric, funk-flecked pop choruses that can’t be repressed.