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Twelve Foot Ninja - Outlier album review

Aussie musical magpies' electrifying second album defies all genre conventions

So, what to make of the second album from these bonkers Melbourne musos? Well, that’s easy, because as soon as Outlier’s opening track One Hand Killing unfurls, you know it’s just not possible to clarify exactly where this belongs. It’s got metal, rap, funk, soul, punk… all on one track that twists and turns quite breathtakingly.

This sets the scene, and from here on the five-piece explore a spectrum of avenues on an album that can be compared to early Faith No More or Rage Against The Machine, but stands on its own in a joyous exposition of music that refuses to stand still long enough to fit comfortably into any hole.

The album sways on Invincible and Oxygen, blares on Post Mortem and Dig For Bones and hits a smooth groove on Sick and Point Of You. Outlier is a fun record all the way, and with repeated listens becomes even more electrifying.