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Turbowolf: Two Hands

Bristol’s freakiest prog on.

Well, this is sneaky. For a full minute, Two Hands opener Invisible Hands floats on a delicate acoustic riff, before suddenly tumbling into a psych-tinged garage-punk rager with enough fuzz to stuff a man-sized Muppet.

But don’t think that’ll give you too much of a handle on what’s to come, because Turbowolf appear to be on a mission to cram as many noises into this album as humanly possible.

Children’s vocals on Solid Gold are twisted into a terrifying, Village Of The Damned alienness. Serpentine synths slither among beefy riffs and boulder-throwing percussion one minute, prog electronics scratch themselves down blackboards the next. And frontman Chris Georgiadis veers from a high-pitched, aggressive At The Drive-In yelp to keening psychedelia on MK Ultra.

At just 39 minutes, they’ve packed so much into this entirely mad record, you’ll be left happily exhausted by the end of it./o:p