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Turbowolf: Turbowolf

New ways with old sounds.

One listen to this debut album from Bristol’s Turbowolf and you think you’ve got their number – another snotty British band bringing the joys of raucous heavy rock to the nation’s pubs. A second listen, and you start to realise there’s a little bit more going on than you thought.

Yes, the riffs tear through like a hurricane, the vocals suggesting popping veins and bulging eyes. But other influences creep in – a shot of hazy psychedelia cutting though the cock rock strut of Son (Sun), the pure, heart-racing, adrenaline-fuelled punk of Things Could Be Good Again, the retro-futuristic Tomorrow’s World synths of All The Trees.

It’s rock’n’ roll steeped in tradition but forging its own path, songs like Read & Write suggesting they’d rather be tucked up with a good book of an evening than embracing oblivion, even though the music suggests otherwise. By the third listen, you’re a little bit hooked.