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Tucker Zimmerman: Ten Songs Expanded Edition

Stunning 1969 debut by San Francisco-born wunderkind.

It’s not hard to hear how and why this genre-scaling and wrathful album should have exerted such an influence on then-emerging Dame David Bowie.

From the opening Bo Diddley revamp Bird Lives through the scowling garage folk of Children Of Fear, Zimmerman, in exile to avoid the draft, mines disgust with American culture and politics magnificently.

Ten Songs, long unavailable and here augmented with two pre-album singles, is a still-pulverising broadside, with unsettling closing epic Alpha Centauri hanging heavy in the air, long after its final chord is strummed.

As late as 2006, Bowie still rated Ten Songs alongside such essential influences as Little Richard and The Velvets’ first album. Time for the rest of the world to catch up. It’s definitely worth the effort.