Trap Them: Blissfucker

A crust-flecked ruckus from US punk vagabonds

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Picking up where Darker Handcraft left off, Trap Them have concocted another deliciously evil combination of rock ’n’ roll recklessness and merciless heaviness.

With more chug than a million steam trains and a pure punk rock approach to pace (to the point that even when they’re grooving, they feel like wild horses being restrained before bolting off again), the Louiseville/Seattle four-piece are one of the most exciting bands in heavy music.

That’s not hyperbole, it’s the only phrase that does justice to the likes of the crunching Organic Infernal, the crustpunk-infused strut of Gift And Gift Unsteady and the sinister and doomy seven-minute plus opuses Savage Climbers and Let Fall Each and Every Sedition Symptom. Channelling influences as far-reaching as Motörhead and Early Graves, it’s impossible to conceive that anyone could fail to be moved by something this bursting with life, aggression and unrelenting energy.

Former Lining Wide The Walls alone is enough to make a Hare Krishna want to go Leatherface. Alongside Black Breath, All Pigs Must Die and Nails, there’s something very exciting going on in metal’s underground. Blissfucker puts Trap Them right at the forefront of that scene. It deserves… no, no. It fucking demands your attention.