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Threat Signal - Disconnect album review

Mood-altering metalcore outfit forget to find a balance

Over six years in the making, Disconnect is almost worth the wait. Beyond the acoustic opener, Elimination Process, Threat Signal’s fourth album ultimately goes on to be a semi-progressive metalcore venture full of hits and misses. Disconnect’s strongest moments often come when it is either at its most gut-wrenchingly heavy or enchantingly tranquil, juxtaposing the slow, delicate crawl of Betrayal with the grooving aggression of To Thine Own Self Be True’s guttural verses and harmonic solos. The adventurousness of the 10-minute opus Terminal Madness also wins some brownie points, as does its suave, piano-driven conclusion. However, Disconnect falls down with its numerous attempts at classic metalcore melodies. With his tamed clean singing, vocalist Jon Howard lacks the same passionate power that permeates his growls, making the would-be anthemic choruses of Walking Alone and Aura hindrances to the album’s otherwise invigorating momentum.