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The Western Sizzlers: For Ol’ Times Sake

Saddle up! These cowboys have gone wild.

The Western Sizzlers are more country than guns. They’re more country than cowpats. They’re more country than Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his 13-year-old cousin.

Doubt it? The new album whoops in with a barnstorming ‘One more beer and I’ll promise that I love you, one more beer and I’ll promise to be true,’ and things get ever more spit’n’sawdust from there on in.

Bizarrely, for a band that sound so distinctly American, The Western Sizzlers are fronted by Englishman Kevin Jennings, although when you concentrate on the prevalent Status Quo chord progressions (Quo’s Break The Rules is even covered, very jauntily, here) and zone out on the good ol’ boy drawl, it starts to make sense.

For Ol’ Times Sake may be regurgitated, but it’s done so on the floor of the best little saloon in town.