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The Vintage Caravan: Arrival

A blast of fresh-faced, blues-fuelled psych-rock from Iceland.

There’s often something reassuringly uncynical and unreconstructed about the Nordic approach to rock. Take this, the third album from this foetally-young three piece from Iceland.

The Vintage Caravan’s sound passes through rock history much like a guitarist’s signal passes through his effects pedals: a touch of UK blues explosion (Cream’s mythic psych side, especially) feeds into the 70s rock greats (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple), with a dash of prog invention dialled in through Rush-like meter shifts and labyrinthine instrumental passages./o:p

Óskar Logi Ágústsson’s guitar playing has 21st century flair and a rootsy soul, and is far more compelling than his functional mid-range vocals.

Last Day Of Light is catchy, Crazy Horses (not that one) balances a big blues riff and a truly furious outro, while the moody Innerverse points to real depth. This is one Caravan you won’t regret getting stuck behind./o:p