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The Treatment: This Might Hurt

Brit youth gone wild.

With a combined age that falls well short of three figures and barely a whiff of bumfluff between them, The Treatment are the epitome of the prodigious young rock‘n’roll band, arriving seemingly fully- formed and already in possession of more great songs and cocksure swagger than many seasoned veterans.

This Might Hurt cheerily proclaims its love for Aerosmith, Buckcherry and The Black Crowes, but there is a freshness and vitality on display here that lifts most of these strutting anthems way above normal debut album standards.

Vocalist Matt Jones almost certainly hasn’t been snorting whisky and drinking angel dust, but he has a supremely snotty but soulful shriek redolent of Love/Hate’s Jizzy Pearl, which adds an extra layer of glistening charisma to the likes of Departed, Lady Of The Light and Shake The Mountain.

His band mates are eerily adept too, providing a convincing edge of bluesy belligerence that ensures every riff counts double. Like The Answer and Airbourne before them, The Treatment have skipped right past the amateurish fumbling stage and gone straight for both jugular and jackpot.

Jaws will drop accordingly.