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The Saints: King Of The Sun

Punk veteran’s jangle-inflected midlife Renaissance.

The rights and wrongs of Chris Bailey claiming The Saints mantle from 1976’s I’m Stranded partner Ed Keupper melt away in the face of the all-encompassing sureness of this homecoming triumph.

Recorded in his native Sydney, King Of The Sun contemplates a chequered career in autumnal acoustic-centred gems, strengthened by a head-on assessment of bittersweet experience. The tunes have the mark of an elegaic craftsman while Mariachi horns and sweeping strings bring impressive valedictory touches (Sweet Charity). The raw, elemental focus gives emotional depth and resonance aplenty to world-weary images shot through with powerful melodies (A MIllion Miles Away).

Lyrical reminders to potency ring true, as in the ‘volcano smoking in the corner’ that presages the gilded star-bright payoff in Turn. File under ‘old hand goes the extra mile, shining bright’.