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The Quireboys: Amazing Disgrace album review

Thirty-five years down the road and The Quireboys still sound fresh on 12th album Amazing Disgrace

The Quireboys - Amazing Disgrace
The Quireboys - Amazing Disgrace

The Quireboys - Amazing Disgrace

Original Black Eyed Son
Sinner’s Serenade
Seven Deadly Sins
Amazing Disgrace
Eve Of The Summertime
California Blues
This Is It
Feels Like A Long Time
Slave #1
Dancing In Paris
Medusa My Girl

We all know what you get from a Quireboys album: goodtime, trashy rock’n’roll. And latest album Amazing Disgrace delivers exactly what you’d expect. But, amazingly, these tracks sound so energetic and dynamic that they don’t sound at all formulaic. 

As soon as Original Black Eyed Son glides into gear, it’s clear the Quireboys are not simply going through the motions. They’re out to prove that they still live through the music, and love it. And these not-so-young lads succeed admirably. 

Yes, it’s the Small Faces getting paralytic with the Rolling Stones as ZZ Top flick cigarette butts in their drinks. But if some recent Quireboys albums have been slightly tame, now the band are off the leash. 

Seven Deadly Sins swerves into a dirty funk rash, Sinner Serenade cheekily bares its badass groove to everyone, and Slave #1 has the sort of sleazy emotion that would make any porn star blush. The best Quireboys album for ages.