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The Psyke Project: Guillotine

Soul-searing sludge from the depths of Denmark

Silly name aside, Danish group The Psyke Project are certainly worth a punt if dark, hardcore-laced sludge is your cup of tea. Guillotine is deliciously heavy; waves of crunched-down bass ride over Martin Nielskov’s slightly obscured vocal lines, taking a back seat to the weight of the music yet still powerful enough to be able to cut through the mire and engage.

Blackened atmospheres curl around Death Sight and the gallivanting pace of The End is tempered by the low-down nature of Partisan and Nielskov’s admittance that we all ‘pray for something that will never happen’.

The Psyke Project draw you in with moments of furious rage, countered with slowed-down elements that writhe with scorn and feel ready to burst at any given moment. Ghost Fight flies with a hardcore-ravaged essence and breaks into the wrath-filled Hell Is Other People with sweet flows of guitar and more shouting than any man should be able to handle, before throwing you off balance with the gorgeous instrumental When Man Became God. Wonderful.