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The People The Poet: The Narrator

Welsh storytellers cook up a stunning debut.

Expertly capturing the zeitgeist of full fan engagement across social media and barrier- breaking proximity, Cardiff’s TPTP have elevated the trend to its apex with this wonderfully inventive and cohesive concept: songs based on interpretations of personal stories sent by their fans.

It’s a neat conceit and the results are spectacular. Tales of fatherhood, cancer battles and parental loss pack an emotional punch above and beyond the usual third-person narratives of early Stereophonics or similar storytellers, bolstered by an impressively mature musical craft evoking Augustines, The Gaslight Anthem, Kings Of Leon and even U2 at their most unaffected.

Three years in the making with a trio of top producers, as debuts go it’s an incredible achievement, perfectly judged and executed. If they can keep this up, well…