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The Nights - The Nights album review

Old-school melodic rock is reborn in Finland

Cover art for The Nights - The Nights album

In the wrong hands, The Nights’ debut album could have come across as pure parody. And yet, with their slick melodic rock, with its heart planted firmly in the 80s, their sincerity and genuine passion for the great power ballad generation shine through infectiously.

It helps, of course, that they’re really good at writing this stuff. Keyboard lines billow around them like an aural wind machine, guitar solos howl for attention, soaring ‘woah-ohs’ provide the momentum, and the art of the fist-pumping, ultra-polished chorus is reborn.

The gloriously ripe Juliette, for example, sounds like it’s been airdropped straight from Top Gun – ‘Juliette, Juliette, came from the stars on a private jet.’ Missing the old crowd? There’s hope for you here.