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The Night Flight Orchestra's Aeromantic: euphoric, life-affirming, and over-the-top

The Night Flight Orchestra get their wings on fifth album Aeromantic

The Night Flight Orchestra - Aeromantic
(Image: © Nuclear Blast)

No longer in orbit but still defying gravity and the normal earthbound rules of rock, the Night Flight Orchestra return with the followup to 2018’s magnificent Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough

Although not billed explicitly as such, Aeromantic is effectively a concept album, thematically driven by the bittersweet consequences of jet-set romance, each of its 13 tracks a cinematic vignette in an ambitious, opulent aero-opera. 

The classic 70s and 80s rock is complemented by cheeky nods to ABBA (If Tonight Is Our Only Chance and This Boy’s Last Summer), Elton John (the fabulous title track), throbbing disco (Transmissions) and smooth 70s soul (Curves). 

Given that NFO stuff more ideas into a single song than most bands use in an entire album, selecting highlights is a futile exercise when the astonishing level of detail crammed lovingly into every song results in glorious prog-pop symphonies that reveal ever more on repeated plays. 

Aeromantic is euphoric, life-affirming, joyously over-the-top and all the better for it.