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The Montecristos: Born To Rock’n’Roll

Sigue Sigue rockabilly.

Thought he’d settled down as Marc Almond’s sidekick? No chance. Unrepentant Sigue Sigue Sputnik guitarist Neal X will scratch that itch any time he gets a chance.

His new band play rockabilly, glammed up with the kind of excess you’d expect – everything echoing louder than everything else. That includes metallic guitar solos, wild brass and sax riffs, and over-amplified sound effects.

To his credit, X never forgets that vital ingredient of rockabilly: the spongy string-bass rhythm. He also gets Marc Almond to join in the fun, guesting on Vince Taylor’s Brand New Cadillac.

He even covers Love Missile F1-11 just to prove the rockabilly connection was there all along. There may be a visual element too – his band are mainly female./o:p