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The Milestones: Higher Mountain – Closer Sun

Finnish rock vets invade.

Not to be confused with Pakistan’s much-loved 90s pop rockers or the top Motown tribute band, these Milestones have been operating in Finland for many years, scoring enough success in their native country to merit several albums.

Apparently this album on France’s Listenable label is their first concerted strike at the outside world and ticks enough rock boxes to gain admittance into the overcrowded arena with its tight-trousered warbling, southern-fried riffage and titles such as Walking Trouble and Oh My Soul, whose cheeky chorus could do damage on US radio.

Although it may not satisfy the rock fan looking for blast-off in the wildness or trail-blazing departments, The Milestones could find themselves enjoying major success among the kind of conservative hordes who treasure their familiar old underpants and like a laugh. Above all, it sounds like they’re having a whale of a time, so good luck to them.