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The Jolts: 8%

Canadian punkers reveal hidden depths.

Specialising in relentless, skull- cracking punk rock, the Jolts’ turbo-charged assault on 8% is quite something to behold, bristling as it does with influences ranging from Dead Boys to The Damned.

Rejoicing in a fistful of daft monikers – Joey Blitzkrieg, Dr Dylan Danger, Joshy Atomic and Matt Von Dander – their one aim is, apparently, to kill through the power of decibels and riffs.

It’s all here from cartoon Satanism (The Dabbler) to grinding sleaze (Lips (I Want Your)). But, and this is the band’s trump card, they’re also pretty adept at a touch of pop subtlety when the occasion calls for it, and the likes of Veronica and Infinity Love suggest some interesting paths for progression in the future.

For the time being, however, 8% is a fine blend of bloody-nosed shock‘n’ roll and songwriting smarts that demands repeat plays at an unhealthy volume.