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The Honey Pot - Ascending Scales album review

A tapestry of delights

The Honey Pot Ascending Scales album cover

The lucky winners of their label’s 100th album release, West Country psychedelic troupe The Honey Pot have been granted an extended two-CD magical mystery tour with as many guests – ancient and modern – as they can cram onto the bus.

There’s Electric Prune James Lowe, waking up from too much dreaming on 1969, Pretty Thing Dick Taylor on guitar swooping around the Bo Diddley rhythms on Solomon Deep – and that’s just for starters.

Nick Saloman and Ade Shaw of the Bevis Frond join the trip at the start of the second CD on Time Machine. But they kick out the jams, quite literally. Everything on this blend of originals and selected covers is kept neat and concise.