The Body & Full Of Hell - Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light album review

Nihilistic noisemakers step it up for their second dance

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The first collaborative offering from the masters of crushing ennui, The Body, and noise-grind nihilists Full Of Hell, last year’s harsh-noise-a-thon One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache, never really hit the plunging lows of either band’s lone output. Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light – also recorded collaboratively over one week in Rhode Island – by contrast plumbs deeper and more disparate depths. The opener, the brutally elegiac and static-washed Light Penetrates wouldn’t sound out of place in The Body’s earlier oeuvre, whilst later the chaotic grief of Our Love Conducted With Shields Aloft – featuring Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale – is reminiscent of Texan weirdos $hit & $hine. The highlight, though, is the pulsating, reggaetóninfluenced (!) Master’s Story, which sounds like a rave in a collapsing black hole.