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The best Sleaze you can buy this month

Sleazegrinder on the latest releases from Hot Mayonnaise, Baby And The Nobodies, Gutter Saints, Blood God and Seven Dirty Words

Band picture of Hot Mayonnaise

Hot Mayonnaise - Heavy Moments

Baby And The Nobodies - Kiss This

Gutter Saints - The Saintanic Verses

Blood God - Rock’N’Roll Warmachine

You might think that 46 songs is too many for one album. But listen, man, you don’t win a rock’n’roll war unless you’ve got enough ammunition. Germany’s Blood God play a kind of muscle-bound hard rock that eschews any subtleties for unapologetic bludgeon. Even Rose Tattoo would think these dudes are too macho. (610)

Seven Dirty Words - Along For The Ride

Came from the sky like a 747. Classic Rock’s least-reputable byline-grabber since 2003. Several decades deep into the music industry. Got fired from an early incarnation of Anal C**t after one show. 30 years later, got fired from the New York Times after one week. Likes rock and hates everything else. Still believes in Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction, against all better judgment.