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The best Sleaze you can buy this month

Sleazegrinder on the latest releases from The Thunderskulls, Deathtraps, The Cheetas, Full Throttle Baby and Speeder

The Thunderskulls photograph

The Thunderskulls - The Thunderskulls

Deathtraps - Justice For The Risca One

The Cheetahs - The Cheetahs

Full Throttle Baby - Rock N’ Roll Brawl

I like a band that sounds like they should be in a cage. If there wasn’t a stage to destroy I wouldn’t let these dudes anywhere near the general public. They sound like their blood is green and their teeth are just jagged chunks of rusty metal, and this record is the greatest thing to come outta Paris since… I dunno, soft cheese. (710)

Speeder - Speeder

You never know if anybody is on the level or goofing or what these days. But I am telling you straight that Speeder – who sound like every band that was on Ebony Records in the mid 80s – have a song on here called Hot N’ Thirsty that goes: ‘Win or lose, we’re SOFTWAREmark” gingersoftwareuiphraseguid=“63b0cd67-b397-4ce9-8933-67f153969671” id=“d8e6a7c2-5414-4e1a-aa12-fbf4cfe83eb9”>gonna booze and cruise.’ And if that doesn’t thrill you, then I give up. (610)