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Ten Years After: Ten Years After

Blues-rock benchmark reissued in extras-packed format.

Rather like equivalent debuts by contemporaries Cream and Fleetwood Mac, Ten Years After’s first album from 1967 is a bedrock release for electric blues fans everywhere.

On this hefty reissue we get the original mono album, a new remaster in stereo and a bonus disc with 11 B-sides and live cuts from Top Gear (the 60s radio show, not the BBC’s automotive wankfest).

Adventures Of A Young Organ is incredibly cheesy, but there’s no denying the fleet-fingeredness of the late Alvin Lee on I Want To Know and Willie Dixon’s Spoonful, as well as his knack for a ballad – see Help Me for irrefutable proof. The stereo mix is welcome, giving these ancient cuts a chance to breathe, but the extra tracks are inessential, although fans should make a point of investigating Spider In My Web, the flipside of the 1968 single Rock Your Mama.