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Teloch – Thus Darkness Spake album review

Furious Finns Teloch carve out their own left-hand path. Check out our album review here...

Teloch album cover

Not to be confused with the current Mayhem guitarist of the same name, this Finnish horde play satisfyingly back-to-basics, gritty black metal, filled with plenty of thrashing groove and icy discordance.

Thus Darkness Spake showcases the band’s newly streamlined sound and mastery of their craft road- tested on their numerous live appearances.

Shifting speeds between satisfyingly mid-paced throbbing to flourishes of speedy intensity that drives its sawdust-throated vocalist to reach a larynx-destroying desperation, Thus Darkness Spake is wrapped in a slick production that by no means compromises their savage approach, which the band view as underground but not unprofessional. While Teloch claim to be expanding their themes of left-hand-path religious mysticism, there is no trace of time-wasting moody introspection. The band’s ferocity is something that is in short supply among the legions treading a more pseudo-spiritual and philosophical path.