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Teethgrinder - Nihilism album review

Low-lying hardcore/grind crew make the wrong kind of impression

Cover art for Teethgrinder's Nihilism

These Dutch grind merchants’ second album slams into your head like a breeze-block. The relentless pace is powered by frantic, string-slashing guitars, giving Nihilism an air of powerviolence that Nails would be proud of. That said, while the production is admirably visceral, it’s possible for extreme metal to sound so much better in 2016.

Throughout the 30-minute runtime the intensity is set to maximum, tearing sludgy riffs that do well to permeate the abject aggression and add to the groove. Vocals flit between trademark hardcore yelping and guttural growls, leaving The Pain Exceeds The Fear to sound like two warring gods trading shouts from their respective planets, although the dual style isn’t always a positive, as the schizophrenic nature almost ruins the menacing Carnist.

There’s a lot going on here, but unfortunately it attacks with such speed and force it doesn’t stick around long enough to leave an impression. Sure, it makes you want to run through a wall, but you’ll forget why once you’re on the other side.