Syn Ze Sase Tri - Za˘ul Mos album review

Transylvanian folk/black metallers ascend to the next level

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Inspired by the bloody myths of their homeland, Transylvanian headbangers Syn Ze Sase Tri (Romanian for ‘I’m With Triple Six’) devoted their first three records to synthesisinglo-fi black metal with folk and symphonic metal, with mixed results. Whereas those early outings suffered badly from dull, leaden production, Za˘ul Mos‚ finally delivers on the band’s promise with an ambitious and finely balanced campaign of black, folk and symphonic metal. Dîn Negru Gînd and Cocosii Negri feature groundswells of dramatic keyboards, pierced with stabbing shards of old-school BM and guttural DM growls. Za˘ul Mos‚ stretches far beyond atmospheric black metal, weaving in both chest-pounding operatic vocals, textured acoustics and frosty synths. It’s not always seamless – transitions between elements are occasionally clunky – yet the songwriting and expansive vision are undeniable. A succulent feast of bone-chilling riffs, pummelling tempos and strikingly fresh ideas.