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Super Unison: Stella album review

Super Unison deliver exhilarating post-punk venom with more spit than polish on Stella

Super Unison - Stella

Super Unison - Stella

1. Unconditional
2. The Snake
3. Parts Unknown
4. The Birthday Gift
5. Comfort
6. Falcon
7. Nev
8. Virus
9. Quiet Again
10. Scars

Standing in the centre of a Venn diagram, Super Unison embrace post-hardcore, riot grrrl and screamo into their rough’n’ready ruckus. 

Aided in recording by Steve Albini, there’s a lo-fi charm to Stella with its fuzzy instrumentals and echoing vocals, as Meghan O’Neil flits from whispers to yelps to screams, like Poly Styrene mixed with Eva Spence

There’s a slacker vibe here, never rushing, harnessing post-punk guitar refrains and sombre vocals that juxtapose but also elevate the band’s frantic, punkier side. 

While not finely polished, Stella feels so vital and urgent in its delivery, from the bounce-along Parts Unknown to the luscious Comfort, with its layered vocals adding more weight to the powerful chorus. 

Funnelling angst and hatred into 30 minutes of catharsis, you can almost taste the vitriol pouring out of your speakers. And it’s great.

For Fans Of: Krimewatch, Gouge Away, Punch