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Steve Lukather: All’s Well That Ends Well

AOR legend spreads his wings.

When Steve Lukather signalled the end of his 31-year tenure

But following the sad announcement in early 2010 that Toto’s original bassist Mike Porcaro is suffering from the motor neuron disease ALS, Lukather did the decent thing and rejoined the band for a European tour to benefit his ailing former colleague. Moreover, Lukather’s description of this tour as ‘amazing’ has opened the door to a more permanent reunion.

In the meantime, his seventh solo album proves Lukather still has plenty of good music in him. As one of rock’s premier guitar virtuosos, Lukather enjoys showing off his chops on the smart-arse jazz/funk/rock fusion instrumental Tumescent.

But overall, this is very much a song-based album. Flash In The Pan, co-written by The Tubes’ Fee Waybill, has ‘Luke’ paying homage to Hendrix. On My Way Home has the cocktail-party vibe of classic Steely Dan. And best of all, the soft-rocking Don’t Say It’s Over and Watching The World are Toto songs in all but name.

Come on, Steve. You know what to do next.