Spectrum Road: Spectrum Road

Cream man provides a real muso masterclass.

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A tribute to jazz-fusion colossus Tony Williams featuring Cream bassist Jack Bruce, Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid, Santana drummer (and wife of Carlos) Cindy Blackman and pianist John Medeski, this ensemble formed this year with a determination to celebrate Williams’s work with Lifetime, while using it as a launch pad for their own sonic explorations.

Admirable indeed, and this 10-track debut is clearly a labour of love – ferocious interpretations of 10 Lifetime classics, combining everything from bluesy shuffles (There Comes A Time) to space dub (An t-Eilan) to full-tilt proto-metal (Vashkar).

It’s all delivered with more noodles than a chicken chow mein, but that’s half the fun. Put it on in the car and have the kids screaming for mercy.