Some Weird Sin – On Tour With Iggy Pop by Alvin Gibbs review

Instinctively Iggy

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Having joined his band ex-UK Subs bassist Alvin Gibbs spent nine months playing alongside his hero on the Instinct world tour in ’88. This candid account of his adventures has a ring of authenticity to it. There are regular bouts of sex and drugs, especially after a show with Guns ‘N Roses, although nothing that would cause a Led Zep roadie to raise an eyebrow. Iggy himself does not participate apart from one memorable occasion, but then he’s already been there, and Gibbs keeps a close and descriptive eye on his boss who has learnt to control his volatile nature off stage while cutting loose every night on it.

Amid the mind-numbing 230- date schedule, there’s a strangely tense encounter with David Bowie and a more dramatic encounter with Pepsi Cola who are sponsoring two New Zealand shows. Final score: 1–1.