Soilwork: Live In The Heart Of Helsinki

Melodic Swedes offer an immaculate reception

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As one of Sweden’s most consistently dynamic bands, Soilwork deserve to honour their status with a live DVD that showcases their ever-evolving take on melodic metal.

This DVD/Blu-ray and 2CD set consists of a live show filmed last year at The Circus in Helsinki, and features a documentary charting Soilwork’s history and a behind-the-scenes look at 2013’s The Living Infinite, while anecdotal references to White Russians, Devin Townsend and tourbus-pissing accidents build a likeable image of the affable Swedes.

The live set itself is nothing short of impeccable, doesn’t scrimp on the old stuff and chucks in guest appearances from Nightwish’s Floor Jansen and Sonic Syndicate’s Nathan J Biggs. The breadth of the songs on offer, from The Chainheart Machine’s thrashy attack to their most recent album’s mix of brutality and warm melody, reveals the cohesive force behind the band led by a frontman whose proficiency as a screamer and a singer should never be downplayed.

Unlike other DVDs that feel like nothing more than an obligation to the record label, Live In The Heart Of Helsinki is a statement of intent that positions Soilwork’s skill as songwriters alongside their mastery of the stage./o:p