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Skin: Breaking The Silence

Nineties rockers say hello and wave goodbye again.

Sadly, Skin’s return didn’t last for long. Reunited after an absence of

Beginning with the welcome call of Good To Be Back, the self-financed Breaking The Silence celebrates their reconnection, also touching upon the mid-existence states of its participants via Stronger, The Book Of Your Life and Indestructible.

This may sound cloyingly sentimental, but having notched six Top 40 singles first time around – notably Look But Don’t Touch, with its cry of “Baby, baby, baby!” – Skin still pen first-rate hook-laden anthems.

The rabble-rousing finale of Born To Rock ‘N’ Roll proffers hope that a vocal talent as underrated as Neville Macdonald won’t be silenced for good by Skin’s demise.