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Sixx AM show musical insight but lack consistency on curiously named Hits

Sixx AM's Hits - a misleading title for decent compilation from Nikki Sixx's other band

Sixx AM: Hits cover art
(Image: © Better Noise Music)

Five albums and 14 years on from their formation, Nikki Sixx’s other band have put together a retrospective record with a difference – the difference being that six of these 20 tracks are previously unheard. 

Of those 14 songs from the back catalogue, Life Is Beautiful, This Is Gonna Hurt and Maybe It’s Time represent the guys at their finest, possessed of a style similar to Stone Sour. 

Two of the unreleased tracks – Skin and Talk To Me – are competent remixes, while there’s also an emotionally staggering piano vocal rendition of Life Is Beautiful

Finally, Sixx AM introduce three new songs, the pick being The First 21, which is bristling with hope and intent. But unfortunately Waiting All My Life sounds like a Foreigner castoff and Penetrate comes over as an 80s reject. Annoyingly, Hits ends up showcasing both the band’s musical insight and lack of consistency.