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Sixx:A.M.: This Is Gonna Hurt

Sleaze rock founding father indulges his arty side.

By rights, the phrases ‘Mötley Crüe’ and ‘renaissance man’ shouldn’t be allowed in the same postcode, let alone the same sentence.

But, as he eases into middle age, bassist Nikki Sixx seems increasingly keen to shake off the sins of the past with a range of extra-curricular activities that include fashion designer, author, DJ, and, now, photographer.

His other band’s second album serves as the soundtrack to a book of the bassist’s candid snapshots; the result is a confessional trawl through the darker corners of his often ill-starred life.

While Lies Of The Beautiful People and the Muse-referencing Goodbye My Friends come tarted up in edgy, modern rock trappings, they beat with a traditional arena rock heart, which suggests that, for all the diversions, Sixx’s true talent remains his songwriting.