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Shinedown – Attention Attention album reviewed

US arena rockers Shinedown bring the bombast… and the belly laughs

Shinedown Attention Attention album cover
Attention Attention

Shinedown Attention Attention album cover

1. The Entrance
2. Devil
3. Black Soul
4. Attention Attention
5. Kill Your Conscience
6. Pyro
7. Monsters
8. Darkside
9. Creatures
10. Evolve
11. Get Up
12. Special
13. The Human Radio
14. Brilliant

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At times invigorating and at others unintentionally side-splitting, Attention Attention is loveable rock’n’roll lunacy that does nothing but provide pure entertainment. Shinedown’s sixth album displays them at their most uninhibited, standing strongest  when it witnesses them border on metal territory with Devil, Evolve and Brilliant. The anthems’ bouncing energy already feels destined to ignite live crowds. However, the real moments that make this disc a standout are its hilarity-inducing head-scratchers: capsules of magnificence like Black Soul, which has a keyboard riff weirdly reminiscent of We Are Number One. Or the choice to commence Kill Your Conscience with Brent Smith emotively humming the words ‘Beast mode’. Or Special’s inexplicable ending, boasting an impromptu round of half-assed, bodiless applause. Shinedown fully commit to the crazy with this release and the end result is constant, unadulterated and silly fun.