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Seether: Isolate And Medicate

South Africa’s premier grunge band rack up the angst again.

It’s easy to envy the rock star lifestyle, but not when it comes to Seether. Given frontman Shaun Morgan’s seemingly neverending supply of angst, anger and self-pity, life in Seether sounds like a bloody awful slog.

Isolate And Medicate finds them holding on to the grudges they held when they first surfaced in 2002, Morgan brooding and bawling about those who have slighted him (‘I feel so dead inside and it’s all your fault,’ he sobs on Watch Me Drown) while the band whip up an admittedly weighty, if well-worn, post-grunge racket that lies somewhere between Bush, Stone Temple Pilots and Linkin Park.

Artistic misery done well is a wondrous thing. But this is just a ten-track whinge.