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Science Of Sleep: Exhaust

Teutonic deathcore crew overlook the tick-box marked ‘Inspiration’

Deathcore, as rapidly expanding bubbles are wont to do, has suffered a deflation in recent years. Of course, there are still plenty of bands content to peddle buckets of stagnant water for an ever-drying well and sadly Germany’s Science Of Sleep are one such proposition.

This is a 10-track exercise in recycled ideas that rarely pushes beyond the path of least resistance. All the expected ingredients are here: Marcus Jasak’s solid and sludgy vocal work is backed up by a seemingly never-ending parade of balls-out breakdowns, but there’s precious little in the way of considered songcraft.

Aside from a couple of exceptions, like the pumping and riff-laden Oppressor or the insanity of the title track, Exhaust feels alarmingly and wearingly bog-standard. No doubt that the core of a technically capable unit exists here, but they’ve some way to go to reach their musical maturity. Science Of Sleep seem content to be reading from the same old script.