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Scarlet Page: Resonators

Stunning portfolio of guitar heroes, shot by Jimmy Page’s daughter.

In her introduction to this beautifully presented collection, photographer Scarlet Page defines ‘resonators’ as “someone who defines their time and influences their generation”. Looking at the maverick talents so artfully collated here, it’s hard to avoid the thought that their like will never be seen again.

Prefaced by Page’s sweet, perceptive mini-essays on each subject, Resonators pulls together some of the most iconic and influential artists in rock’n’roll history – Paul McCartney, Jeff Beck, Hank Marvin, Peter Green, Johnny Marr, Slash and Brian May among them – and captures them at their most natural and relaxed in wonderfully intimate images that emphasise their humanity above their mythic reputations.

On photographing her dad, Page writes: “He has his own ideas as to what looks good – he’s an old pro, isn’t he?” But perhaps the charm of this labour-of-love project is best captured by her encounter with irascible Sex Pistol Steve Jones, who initially disowns his portrait: “I look like a Muppet!” He then cheekily decides to keep the print for himself when she asks to have it autographed for a charity auction, saying: “I’m warming to it…” What a fucking rotter.