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Savage: Sons Of Malice

Time for a rock solid NWOBHM comeback.

Destined to be forever tagged as one of the bands that inspired Metallica – with their classic Let It Loose – Savage deserved to be so much more than just a footnote on Lars Ulrich’s CV.

Over a decade on from Xtreme Machine and Savage are ready to, er, let it loose again.

Setting aside the rather meat ’n’ potatoes lyrics and titles – Waking The Dead, Master Of War and Monkey On My Back to pick but three – musically this is solid stuff, the band’s gift for memorable riffing shining through.

It’s the kind of swaggering, bullish display that can’t fail to bring a smile to your face and, whisper it quietly, have you dusting off the old air guitar. Maybe Lars should give it a spin.